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Vietventures Travel Vietnam - Since 1999
Established since 1999, as a professional of cultural tours, Vietventures has chosen the best that Vietnam can offer. The traveler, looking for authenticity will be fully satisfied.

Besides, we offer a wide range of services, including discovery tours, trekking tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Our dynamic team has a long experience in organizing events, conference, and incentives. It is well prepared to personalize, create and surprise you and your guests in order to enhance your image in the eyes of your partners. We conceive, design, and realize your special events, help you through all stages of organization with a permanent worry for details and quality in order to give you the key of success.

This concept remains valid for group tours as well as individual travelers "à la carte”. With our suppliers, we maintain the best relations from human and commercial points of view. This can only contribute to enhance our quality of services.

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GM Tran Thi Mong Hong at the tourism exhibition 
Our key points
- Well established company
- Thanks to our seniority
- Exhibitor in professional and public trade fairs (ITB, REISELIV, IFTM, ATF, PATA Travel Mart etc.)
- Committed to responsible tourism
- Maximum 24hr response
- Rigorous quality control standards
- Competitive pricing structure
- Regular feedback from clients and service providers
- We know the country
- We regularly keep you informed about the situation of the file
- Keep you free of all worries of organising and logistics

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Mr. Phillipe, Ms. Hong, Ms. Lien and Logan Bui at Top Resa 2010
If we can grow on this touristic market, it is thanks to the loyalty of our customers. We wish to thank them with all our heart.
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Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

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Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau - Photo by An Bui

Travel Vietnam Blog
Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau - Photo by An Bui

Travel Vietnam Blog
Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau - Photo by An Bui

Travel Vietnam Blog
Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau - Photo by An Bui

Travel Vietnam Blog
Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau - Photo by An Bui

Travel Vietnam Blog
Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau - Photo by An Bui

Travel Vietnam Blog
Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau - Photo by An Bui

Travel Vietnam Blog
Ho Tram Beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau - Photo by An Bui

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Vietventures fam trip in Ho Tram - Jun 2012

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Travel Vietnam Blog

Travel Vietnam Blog

Travel Vietnam Blog

Travel Vietnam Blog

Travel Vietnam Blog

Travel Vietnam Blog

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Land of the rising sun

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Dai Lanh is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and its easternmost point

Although it is not known as well known as Nha Trang, Mui Ne, or Phan Thiet among foreign tourists, Dai Lanh Beach, some 80 kilometers to the north of Nha Trang, offers unique views and experiences that make it a fine destination for a day trip.

The gently curving beach, which is mostly surrounded by mountains, is four meters long and slopes gradually, allowing people to swim far out into the water. The water is calm and very clear, and the sand is white. A stream nearby offers children a good place to swim.

Tuan Le coconuts, grown by farmers in Van Ninh District, where the beach is located, is believed to be among the best in Vietnam.

Seafood lovers should take a boat trip to a nearby fishing village, where fresh fish, squid, and snails are always available. Spicy squid hot pot with a variety of squids is a highly recommended specialty there.

Dai Lanh beach became famous in 1836 when King Minh Mang, the second Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) ruler, ordered its picture to be carved into the nine cauldrons placed in the yard of the imperial citadel in Hue.

Later, in 1853, King Tu Duc, the dynasty’s fourth sovereign, made “Dai Lanh” nationally popular by ordering its development, allotting funds for infrastructure and other works.

It was once named one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia by the World Tourism Organization.

Not far the beach is Cape Dai Lanh in Dong Hoa District in neighboring Phu Yen.

Surrounded by mountains belonging to the transnational Truong Son Range, the country’s easternmost cape, also known as Varella Cape, is famous for a 26.5-meter high lighthouse built by the French in 1890 during their colonization.

The lighthouse, with a staircase with 108 steps to the top, offers a perfect vantage point to observe the landscape. It is recommended that tourists stay overnight at the lighthouse to observe the sun rising over Vietnam.

Cape Dai Lanh itself is a landscape worth discovering. Thanks to a stream that separates it from the mainland, the cape looks likes an island. At the foot of the mountain range is Mon beach, which is like a miniature version of Dai Lanh Beach.

One popular adventurous activity in Dai Lanh is accompanying fishermen to catch ca chinh (eels) dubbed “sea serpent” in Vietnamese folklore due to its fierce nature.

An eel could weigh just five to seven kilograms but defeat the efforts of a man weighing 10 times that to subdue it. Some can weigh dozens of kilograms and measure nearly 1.5 meters long, so it is advisable to go fishing in groups of three.

Since the eel usually lives in deep caves, fishermen have to wait for the tide to rise gradually before using chum, or ground fish, as bait to lure it out.

Though eels fetch millions of dong, not many fishermen try to catch them because the process is difficult and time-consuming and depends much on luck. Moreover, its bite has anticoagulants.

Nevertheless, adventure lovers should not miss the experience when they are in Dai Lanh.

Nha Trang – Dai Lanh Beach:

By train: Take N12 that plies the Nha Trang – Tuy Hoa route, and get off at Dai Lanh Gas Station, Van Ninh District. It leaves Nha Trang at 6.30 a.m. every day. On the return trip it arrives at Dai Lanh at 3.44 p.m.

From there, take a motorbike or car to the Ca mountain pass. The beach is located at the end of the pass.

By car: Book tickets at the Nha Trang branches of Mai Linh Company (phone: 058. 359 0606) or Thuan Thao Company (Phone: 058. 3 560 818 - 3 560 828).

To Cape Dai Lanh:

From Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen: Go by car or motorbike along the Phuoc Tan – Bai Nga Street for around 30 kilometers.

From Nha Trang: By car, go along the Ca mountain pass for 100 kilometers to reach the Khanh Hoa – Phu Yen border. From there go along the Phuoc Tan – Bai Nga Street for another 12 kilometers.

Source Thanh Nien News

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Annual fruit fest opens at Suoi Tien Theme Park in HCMC

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The 16th Southern Fruit Festival opened June 1 at the Suoi Tien Theme Park in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 9.

The festival, which will remain open throughout the three months of summer, is held by the city’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the HCMC Tourism Association.

Over 1000 tons of fruit of all kinds are expected to be consumed by millions of tourists during the annual festival.

As in previous years, this year’s festival includes a floating fruit market, fruit competition and exhibition, fashion show, food booths and a fruit parade that was held during the opening ceremony.

Around 65 kinds of fruits displayed at the festival will be sold at between VND3,000-10,000 per kilogram lower than market prices, organizers said.

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By Phuong Anh, Thanh Nien News
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A garden in the city

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I came across Kaffee Stude by chance when I was a bit early for another interview nearby.

It’s a lovely garden café and restaurant with comfortable outdoor and indoor areas amid the old villas of Tu Xuong Street, District 3.

At first impression, the place reminds me of a holiday spent watching the time roll away in a forgotten orchard surrounded by ivy-covered walls.

Serenity is the word that comes to mind as the big white umbrellas, long white French chairs and wooden tables with grey silk cushions rest above tiny yellow leaves lying lazily on the stone floor. In the middle of the garden, between the four umbrellas, there is a cherry tree with white pebbles under it.

It was a cool morning and I choose a table under the cherry tree. In the summertime, the tiny pink cherry flowers swing in the breeze and on the opposite wall, the blooming red flowers are bright and vibrant.

The garden is a different and more peaceful world than outside on Tu Xuong Street, where motorbikes and taxis race by.

My favorite part of sitting at Kaffee Stude was watching little birds fly down from the trees to find food on the ground.

I watched as a taxi stopped in front of the restaurant and a family walked out, about to enter the opposite restaurant. But a little girl in pink was drawn to Kaffee Stude and ran into the garden to satisfy her curiosity (probably hoping that her parents would change their choice of restaurant).

The indoor area also offers a cozy atmosphere with white furniture and transparent silk ceiling lights, highlighted by beaded and handmade Indian fabric paintings on the wall. On another side of the wall, there are photos of women from different corners of Vietnam wearing real silver necklaces made by ethnic minority communities in the mountains of northern Vietnam.

Kaffee Stude plays classic jazz, which suits the dreamy style of the garden. The menu is an unusual mix of common staples and unique dishes, and I ordered ostrich steak (VND53,000) and tea for breakfast.

After only a few minutes, the waiter brought me the hot ostrich steak still sizzling on a hotplate beside bread, a small dish of salad and a small bowl of pickles with chilly. She arranged them on a yellow bamboo placemat.

It was the first time I had ever tried ostrich meat. It’s similar to beef but more tender, soft and flavorful. Though it was morning, I ordered extra bread to enjoy every last drop of sauce leftover on the hot plate.

After I finished the tea, the waitress brought me some ice water with a slice of lemon and continued filling the glass each time it became empty.

The menu offers a selection of Italian, French, German and some Vietnamese dishes.

For appetizers, there is bruschette (choice of tomato, mushroom or eggplant – VND71,000 for three pieces and VND112,000 for five pieces); garlic bread (VND43,000); calamari with strawberry sauce (VND93,000); cheese sticks (VND83,000); verrine avocado & salmon (avocado, crème, smoked salmon – VND120,000).

The menu also includes sections on salads, stews, pastas, grilled dishes and rice and noodles.

After breakfast, I was already thinking about my next lunch there, wanting to try the pork ribs with pear (VND125,000) or the rabbit in red wine (VND142,000), or Turkish lamb (VND249,000), or baked sea bass with lemon butter cream (VND132,000).

By To Van Nga, 
Source Thanh Nien News
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Where houses have no doors

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Hoa Binh Province
A northern village offers home stays and a simple but beguiling way of life.

Foreign visitors to Lac Village in Hoa Binh Province often linger for days once they realize how good their homestay is in the picturesque destination.

The remote village in Chieng Chau Commune, Mai Chau District, is around 135 kilometers west of Hanoi. Most of its residents belong to the Thai ethnic group, with Vietnam’s major ethnic group, the Kinh, making up the rest.

Of the 116 families here, 31 host visitors.

The living space in the houses is two meters above the ground, with the portion beneath having the kitchen and space to show off local products.

It only costs around VND100,000 (US$5) for a night’s stay and a dinner spread made using local ingredients.

Ha Cong Tim, a local, said: “There are not as many Vietnamese tourists as foreign, who stay at least three days to learn about local people’s daily life. They are very excited about sleeping in a stilt house.”

Extra meals will have to be ordered in advance since locals do not have refrigerators or store food, which means meals are always fresh.

The village is famous for its sticky rice dishes. But it is not very sticky and can be eaten with the hand. It is usually served with chicken straight from the garden, fish from the stream, and vegetables from the forest.

Meals are complemented with a bottle of wine which everyone drinks using bamboo straws.

At night visitors are entertained by singing and dancing by the very people who served them food earlier.

Some locals speak English, French, and Chinese.

Many visitors said they did not feel like visitors but like a relative.

Ha Cong Nham, the 85-year-old village head, said the village was built in the 13th century, and people live mainly on weaving and farming their terraced paddy fields.

But the cheap and friendly homestay services have turned the village into a tourism hotspot in recent years and fetched locals decent incomes. Many now own cars.

The road to the village travels over Cun Hill and Thung Nhuoi Pass, but that does not deter foreign tourists from coming here to enjoy its clean, fresh air and stilt houses.

There are no hotels or resorts here. The central government only allowed visitors to stay here overnight in 1993 following many pleas by Hoa Binh authorities.

Since then the village has remained in a festive mood most of the time, with word-of-mouth publicity bringing hordes of tourists.

Younger people in the village have started to move out to set up nuclear families, but most of the wooden houses remain large and well decorated.

There are 40 houses that do not accommodate visitors but offer sightseeing tours of local handicrafts such as weaving and making souvenirs like arrows, crossbows, and rattles.

Visitors can rent a colorful local dress for a day for a mere VND10,000-20,000, or half to one dollar.

The village has a “5-No’s” slogan: No beggars, no street vendors, no getting drunk, no karaoke parlors, and no thieving.

Amazingly, none of the houses have doors to close at night or wardrobes to lock in things. The village looks exactly the same at night as it does during day, just quieter – no one moves anything into their houses because of nightfall.

Foreigners often stay long enough to learn the basics of weaving, making simple souvenirs, and join locals on their terraced fields.

They also pedal to nearby markets to see herbs – such as black turmeric for stomach problems and banana seeds for kidney stones – exotic birds, and orchids.

Most markets open very early in the morning, selling fresh vegetables and fruits that are plucked overnight.

By Nguyen Van My
Source Thanh Nien News

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Hanoi Daewoo offers buffet discount with swimming

1:52 AM |
The Hanoi Daewoo hotel is offering a promotion combining a buffet meal with the use of the Vietnamese capital's longest swimming pool.

Customers can get a 10 percent discount and the use of the pool by booking for three to 30 guests at the Café Promenade of the hotel at 360 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District.

The Swim & Dine lunch buffet costs VND465,000 (US$22) a person, and dinner VND591,000.

A swimming ticket at the hotel costs VND275,000.

SourceThanh Nien News
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Vietnam recognizes nine sea and island records

1:48 AM |
Halong Bay
The Vietnam Book of Records Saturday announced nine records involving the country’s sea and islands on the occasion of the Vietnam Sea and Island Week (June 1-8).

The recognition was an effort to promote the natural features and products of the nation's seas and islands to local and international visitors, the organization said in a statement.

Tra Co Beach in Quang Ninh Province is recognized as the longest beach, stretching 17 kilometers.

Ha Long Bay is listed as the one with the highest number of islets (1,169) in the country.

Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands, located 243 nautical miles from Khanh Hoa Province is recognized as the most remote island.

Tam Giang Cau Hai in Thua Thien Hue Province is the largest lagoon with 21,600 hectares.

Hai Phong City’s Cat Ba has the highest number of islands at 367, while Ca Mau Province’s Hon Khoai is the southernmost island.

Kien Giang Province’s Phu Quoc is the largest island with an area of 561 square kilometers; and Khanh Hoa Province’s Nam Yet is the biggest marine reserve with an area of 35,000 hectares.

Quang Ngai Province’s Ly Son is the most densely populated island with 1,888 people per square kilometer.

Source Thanh Nien News
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Afternoon tea buffet at Sheraton Saigon

1:45 AM |
An afternoon tea selection, available from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, is awaiting guests at the Lobby Lounge of the Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers. For a limited period, guests can enjoy Vietnamese afternoon tea with free flowing Dilmah teas for VND360,000++ per person.

Source SGGP
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Hong Kong chef brings beef specials to New World Saigon

1:44 AM |
Chinese restaurant Dynasty at the New World Hotel Saigon will present a selection of beef dishes prepared by Hong Kong chef Ho Wing Sang, including Braised US Beef Short Ribs with Lemongrass and Ginger, Wok-fried Beef Tenderloin with Bamboo Shoots or Marinated Beef Tongue with Chinese Herbs.

Apart from a selected a-la-carte menu, guests can enjoy chef Ho’s signature beef dishes, all combined in one elegant seven course set menu priced at VND735,000 per person including a free flow of Chinese tea. The special menu may also be combined with matching wines from Celliers d’Asie for a package price of VND1.1 million per person.

The beef specials are served daily from June 11 to 24 from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Source SGGP
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Italian flavor at Top of the Town restaurant

1:44 AM |
The Top of the Town Bar and Restaurant on level 25 of the Windsor Plaza Hotel offers gourmets an elegant selection of authentic Italian dishes and international wines with beautiful views of Saigon’s skyline.

Start with your favorite salads and soups made with fresh ingredients and following traditional recipes. For your main course, taste the authentic flavors of Italian herbs and spices with your favorite pasta varieties and choice meats. The restaurant features a variety of international white and red wines to create the perfect dinner combination.

From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. there’s a promotion with buy 1 get 1 free on selected beers, cocktails, wines and more. Windsor VIPCard holders enjoy a 10% discount.

The hotel is located at 18 An Duong Vuong Street, District 5, HCMC.

Source SGGP
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Lion runs promotion for 10th anniversary

1:43 AM |
The Lion Restaurant in District 1 is running a promotion offering 30% discount on German draft beer for diners to mark its 10th birthday until Sunday. The restaurant offers a dinner buffet on Friday featuring over 40 Western and Asian cuisines and numerous grilled treats for guests to choose from at the barbecue station with a free flow of soft drinks, draft beers and mineral water. The buffet which is priced at VND250,000++ per adult and VND150,000++ per child is available from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Those who buy ten tickets will get one free. For bookings, call 08 3823 8514.

Source SGGP
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Hotel Equatorial offers cozy Champagne Brunch

1:43 AM |
The five star Hotel Equatorial has launched a Champagne Brunch (Sunday lunch buffet) promotion from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. every Sunday at Chit Chat Restaurant at 242 Tran Binh Trong Street, District 5.

Diners can enjoy 200 tasty dishes, champagne and many other drinks with a live performance by Jazz band Superbowl Quartet.

In addition to a strong focus of European dishes, the buffet will serve over 20 types of chilled seafood on ice and assorted home-made terrine, and more than 15 types of world-renowned cheese and crudities, traditional European desserts, pastries, cakes and puddings.

There’s a free flow of Jacques Picard champagne, beer, wine and soft drinks. There is also a special Kids Zone with outdoor swimming pool access included in the Champagne Brunch. If diners enjoy the brunch on their birthday, they will be presented with a lovely birthday cake when booking seats at least two days in advance.

Tickets for adults are priced at VND880,000++ while children from 6 to 12 years can enjoy half price with kids under 6 dining for free.

Source SGGP
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Hotels prepare programs for Friday’s International Children’s Day

1:42 AM |
Hotel Equatorial HCMC
The five-star hotel is launching Kiddie’s Month Promotion in June at Chit Chat @ the Cafe at 242 Tran Binh Trong Street in District 5.

Children under 12 years old will eat for free when accompanied by their parents at the buffet dinner at Chit Chat. Available at VND690,000++/ adult, the buffet dinner features an array of 90 mouthwatering dishes, additional free flow of wine, beer, soft drinks and many dishes prepared for children like soup, French fries, chocolate, chicken wings and ice cream. The promotion is valid from 6:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. throughout June at Chit Chat. Up to three children below 12 years old of age will enjoy complimentary buffet dinner when dining with both parents.

In addition, diners also have a chance to enjoy magic shows from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday and every Saturday evening in June.

Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers
A buffet at the Saigon Cafe on level one of the hotel will be designed for kids who can choose from favorites such as beef burger and French fries, spaghetti with tomato sauce and crispy fish with tartar sauce. For parents, there will be many delectable dishes such as fresh oysters with lime and baked lobster topped with ham XO sauce. The mouth-watering dessert corner has cakes, chocolates and ice cream. The buffet is available from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at VND910,000++ per adult.

Daewoo Hanoi launches Stay & Meet Package
The Daewoo Hanoi Hotel will launch its Stay & Meet package for guests who stay in deluxe rooms for VND2.1 million per night for a consecutive two night stay with breakfast. The package, available from June 1 to September 30, includes two hour free use of a Business Center meeting room, free use of a projector for the duration of the meeting, 50 pages of free photocopies, complimentary wifi and 25% discount at Cafe Promenade and Silk Road. For more information contact the hotel at 360 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, tel: 04 8831 5000, ext. 3236.

Source SGGP
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Live seafood at Duxton Hotel Saigon

1:41 AM |
From June 1 to 10, the Duxton Hotel Saigon will add captivating new dimensions to diners’ options in the city. With fresh and live ingredients including garoupa fish, pen shell, lobster, tiger prawn, baby octopus, oysters and a selection of shellfish in fish tanks, there is no better way to enjoy unlimited live seafood for a fixed price. Have them all prepared ‘a la minute’ to your preferred taste. 

The hotel’s Japanese, Asian and international corners are still available with a choice of Sashimi, Sushi, Maki, Tamaki, cold cuts, salads, stir fries in clay pots, carvings of imported meats and a selection of fresh fruits & desserts. Dinner buffet is priced at VND590,000++ per person.

Source SGGP
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Seafood, tofu treasure trove at Windsor Plaza

1:40 AM |
Sushi and Sapporo buffet at Mojo Cafe From Monday to Friday, if you purchase four adult lunch buffet meals you receive one free at Cafe Central An Dong on level 4 of the Windsor Plaza Hotel. Or for an evening escape, receive a VND500,000 instant discount with an order of eight or more adult buffet dinners. The whole family is sure to enjoy a collection of riches from the sea combined with savory flavors of healthy tofu. This marvelous display of delicious seafood features fresh salmon, prawn cocktails, chilled mussels and much more.

Cafe Central An Dong, which has won the Certificate of Excellence from The Guide Magazine for three consecutive years, offers to guests vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, monthly promotions, and international and Vietnamese choices.

*Fans of Japanese food, can experience sushi at Mojo Cafe. Enjoy our sushi buffet daily from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. with a seductive selection of sushi favorites accompanied with a free flow of Sapporo beer at VND390,000++.

Source SGGP
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New World Saigon relaunches BBB package

1:40 AM |
The New World Saigon Hotel has just re-launched its popular BBB package, which combines a convenient room-booking service with breakfast and wireless Internet access for business travelers to town. The hotel has installed wifi hot spots throughout the premises and is now introducing its attractive bed, breakfast and broadband offer, combining accommodation and breakfast with free wireless Internet access in one package and removing the hassle that guests encounter in making separate arrangements for these essential amenities.

The package rate starts from VND3.25 million per room a night, depending on the room category and period of stay.

Source SGGP
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Weekend getaway package at Legend Saigon

1:39 AM |
Due to a fantastic response to the Legend Hotel Saigon’s Weekend Getaway Package, the hotel will extend the validity of the package until August 26 with the same rates and conditions.

Applicable to Vietnamese and expatriates for a stay on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, the package is priced at around VND2 million ++ per night for single or double occupancy in a Deluxe Room. The package includes complimentary buffet breakfast (up to 2 people) at the renowned Atrium Cafe, 10% discount on food and beverages, 20% discount voucher for massage services, high-speed internet, use of Fitness Center, Kids Play Center and Swimming Pool. The package also offers the flexibility and more time for relaxing with early check-in time from 11 a.m. (instead of after 2 p.m. as normal) and late check-out until 3 p.m. (instead of by 12:00 noon).

For reservations, email to and quote “WGP”.

Source SGGP
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Choir festival returns to Hoi An next year

1:35 AM |
Thomas Schule, managing director of Germany’s Interkultur Association, has reached an agreement with the government of Quang Nam Province to organize the third International Choir Festival from June 19-22 in Hoi An, Tuoi Tre reports.

The event will be jointly hosted by Interkultur, Performing Arts Department, Vietnam National Opera Ballet (VNOB), Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Thua Thien-Hue and Quang Nam provinces and Hoi An City authorities.

Schule said the first International Choir Festival in Hoi An last year was a huge success, with the participation of over 30 arts troupes totaling more than 1,000 artists from 11 nations and territories. The second festival will take place in Hue City on December 16.

Source Saigon Times
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380 artists grace Hue music fest

1:35 AM |
The first traditional musical instrument festival in Hue City, which finishes up on Sunday, has attracted the participation of 19 art troupes nationwide.

The festival is jointly hosted by the Arts Performing Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Culture Department of the central province of Thua Thien-Hue.

With over 100 repertoires by 380 artists and students, the festival aims to promote traditional beauties of the country and preserving artistic values.

It features orchestras from the three regions and a vast array of traditional arts forms like tuong (classical drama), cheo (traditional operetta), cai luong (Southern opera), water puppetry and nha nhac (Hue royal music).

By Yen Linh in HCMC
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Hanoi to host European food fest

1:34 AM |
This year’s European food festival will take place at 6 p.m. on May 26 at the National Library of Vietnam, 31 Trang Thi Street in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

With the participation of Metropole Hanoi, Hilton Hanoi Opera and Melia and other hotels and restaurants, the festival gives local diners a chance to experience diverse dining styles along with entertainment activities for both adults and children.

According to organizers, the special event is one of the most anticipated events for foreign and local communities. This has also become a traditional activity of the European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) as part of ‘Europe Days’.

*This year’s three-day southern food festival with its 50 participants and 90 stands will kick off at 5 p.m. on May 25 at Dam Sen Cultural Park in District 11.

The festival’s highlights are presentations on food preparation at booths which are designed in line with different regional subjects. Visitors can enjoy many artistic and cultural activities such as don ca tai tu Nam Bo (southern amateur music), traditional Vietnamese music performance and folk games.

According to Le Van Hung, deputy head of the organization committee, 20 provinces and cities including Dong Nai, Khanh Hoa, An Giang, Tay Ninh and Dong Thap and 20 food catering services suppliers in the city have registered to join the event.

The festival is hosted annually to promote dining cultural values of the country and in particular from the southern region. Last year saw the first event which attracted over 100,000 visitors with 50 stands from 28 participants.

By Thoa Nguyen in Hanoi and
Minh Nguyet in HCMC
Source Saigon Times
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Hanoi hosts Vietnamese ethnic group cultural festival

1:33 AM |
The national ethnic group cultural festival on Wednesday kicked off in Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi under the theme of ‘Chances in the Year of Dragon’, reports VietnamPlus.
The Management Board of the Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic, Culture and Tourism in cooperation with relevant authorities have hosted the festival. Its purpose is to strengthen cultural exchanges between ethnic groups nationwide besides promoting the image of the tourism village among local and foreign visitors.

Wrapping up on Thursday in Hanoi, the festival consists of eight main activities with the participation of 13 ethnic groups from eight provinces like H’Mong and Tay (Ha Giang), Dao and Thai (Son La) and Muong (Hoa Binh).

As part of the event, a multi-colored art performance featuring the country’s cultural quintessence will be broadcast live on VTV1, VTV4, VTV5 channels and Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Source Saigon Times
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Don’t miss Mun Island off Nha Trang

1:27 AM |
Vietnam Travel Blog
Floating bar near Hon Mun, Nha Trang
Though it is 10km offshore the central resort town of Nha Trang, Mun Island is one of the must-see destinations for local and international tourists. There are a couple of things which visitors are advised to do when they arrive there but most popular are seeing corals on board a glass-bottom boat, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Tourists can hire a speedboat to get to the island, south of the picturesque Nha Trang Bay, or merely buy a package tour arranged by a local travel firm. Just google to get some helpful reviews of numerous Nha Trang island tours before booking one. Normally Mun Island is one of several islands that are included in a one-day tour.

At Mun Island, one should not miss taking a glass-bottom boat ride to watch corals. The sight is fantastic on sunny days. Travelers can use a guided scuba diving service available on the island. But there is also a scuba diving tour in which tourists are taken to places where they can enjoy seeing corals and marine creatures. If visitors don’t know how to dive, they can do a little snorkeling to take a fascinating look at fish.

What’s more enjoyable about the multiple-island tour is that tourists can float gently in the crystal-clear water off the nearby Tre Island sipping some champagne.

There are several more side activities during the tour, so why not try visiting some of the beautiful islands in Nha Trang Bay, one of the world’s most beautiful, when in Nha Trang. And those who make it won’t regret that.

By Pham Vu in Nha Trang
Source Saigon Times
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Central coastal provinces attract Russian tourists

1:20 AM |
Vietnam Travel Blog
Central coastal provinces attract Russian tourists
Phan Thiet City in the central coastal province of Binh Thuan has become a popular destination for Russian tourists, with Russia ranking 10th on Vietnam's list of top tourism markets. 

Previously, most Russian visitors travelled to Vietnam to avoid the winter in their homeland, but now many Russians visit the coastal tourist sites of Phan Thiet, Nha Trang and Da Nang even during the summer months.

According to travel companies, Da Nang International Airport receives an average of one charter flight bringing around 200 Russian visitors every day. Additionally, there are expected to be 12,000 Russian tourists travelling to Da Nang from the end of May to August this year.

Tourism experts say that Russian travellers are attracted to Vietnam’s wild and beautiful beaches.

In January this year, many Russian visitors were thankful for the efforts made by Vietnamese authorities to get stranded visitors back home after the Russian travel company Lanta Tour Voyage suddenly declared bankruptcy. Binh Thuan Province authorities and Vietnam National Administration of Tourism were extremely helpful to Russian tourists who were stranded in Vietnam.

The country receives about 18,000-19,000 Russian visitors each month, a year-on-year increase of 56 per cent in the first five months which recorded 86,681 travellers. Russian tourists have become a vital part of the Vietnamese tourism industry particularly in the coastal provinces.

By My Hanh – Translated by Kim Khanh
Source SGGP
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Phu Yen Province to tap tourism potential

1:17 AM |
Vietnam Travel Blog
Bai Tram Beach, Phu Yen - Photo by Logan Bui
A conference to promote and highlight the tourism potential of the central coastal province of Phu Yen was held in Pleiku City in Gia Lai Province on June 3.

Phu Yen Province has a deep historical past, and combined with its Viet and Cham cultures it could be promoted to attract a wide range of tourists, said Pham Van Bay, deputy director of the provincial department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The conference was held to strengthen tourism development cooperation with other highland and coastal provinces and create favourable conditions for travel companies to exchange and join hands in bringing visitors to Phu Yen.

By D. Trung – Translated by Kim Khanh

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Vietnam has hidden potential for cruise ship tourism

1:15 AM |
With a long coastline of over 3,200km, Vietnam has a huge advantage for developing cruise tourism and becoming one of the main destinations for such tourism in the South East Asian Region.

However, the country has so far not been able to develop the coastline for international tourisms due to poor investments and undeveloped infrastructure services.

According to Saigon Tourist Company, the country's leading travel agency, conferences and exhibition on cruise ship tourism have drawn enthusiasm from many cruise ship companies who have highly appreciated Vietnam’s cruise ship tourism potential because of its beautiful landscapes, friendly people, diversified biodiversity and cultures, and international ports along the sea from the North to the South.

Many cruise ships from the US, Europe and Asia have recently brought passengers to Vietnam, said Doan Thi Thanh Tra, marketing manager of Saigon Tourist.

Cruise ship tourism is one of the most successful and effective businesses of the company. The enterprise received 17,000 passengers on 35 cruise ships in 2006; 58,000 on 62 trips in 2007; 120,000 on 90 ships in 2008; and 115,000 visitors in 2011.

Saigon Tourist has welcomed more than 140,000 passengers in the first four months of this year.

Rich cruise passengers are willing to spend money for the length of their stay from 24-48 hours. However, Vietnam is now just a Port of Call for foreign cruise ships, but not considered as a Port of Embarkation or Port of Turn-around.

Meanwhile Singapore, Hong Kong (China) and Shanghai that own the world's busiest airports with large number of flights have become Ports of Embarkation and Ports of Turn-around and developed a strong cruise ship tourism.

Vietnam has not yet developed a tourism pier to receive big cruise liners that presently have to dock at trading ports.

Cruise passengers can also have unexpected demands. Hence, unattractive destinations, poor infrastructure and services have made Vietnam poor competition for other countries in the region.

By My Hanh – Translated by Kim Khanh
Source SGGP
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VietJetAir launches auto check-in systems

1:12 AM |
VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company (VietJetAir) is the first airline in Vietnam to offer auto check-in services to its passengers.

This updated system enables passengers to go through the necessary check-in procedures in just one minute.

The airline will use the advanced technology at Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, and Da Nang international airports, as well as its ticket offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. VietJetAir staff will be available to instruct passengers how to use the system.

Source Vietjetair
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SilkAir opens Hanoi-Singapore direct flight route

1:11 AM |
The Singaporean airline SilkAir launched its new direct flight route Hanoi-Singapore at Noi Bai International Airport on June 5.
The company will operate three flights to Hanoi a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The flights will depart from Singapore’s Changi Airport at 3.15pm and land at Noi Bai Airport at 5.35pm. The flight from Hanoi will take off at 6.30pm and arrive in Singapore at 10.50pm (local time).

This is the airline’s second direct flight to Vietnam after its Singapore-Danang flight.

Marvin Tan, Chief Executive of Silk Air, said the network of Singapore Airlines-Silk Air is expected to serve guests flying to 96 cities in 37 countries and territories.

Source VOV
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HCM City-Dubai direct air route opened

1:10 AM |
Emirates Airlines has announced the launch of daily direct flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Dubai as from June 4.

By carrying around 240 tonnes of cargo per week, it will help to boost trade cooperation between the two cities with more than 120 destinations in the world.

HCM City is the 14th link of Emirates SkyCargo in the Far East to major exporters, including China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and other countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Northern America.

Source VOV
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Germany helps Hue City preserve ancient relics

1:09 AM |
(VOV) - Germany has provided more than 139,600 euro for a project to preserve Hue royal palace, said Phan Thanh Hai, director of the Center for Reservation of Hue Relics.

This is the fourth project under the German international support programme for preserving Hue relics. The three previous projects were focused on preserving the Khai Tuong Lau – An Dinh Palace, King Tu Duc’s tomb and Toi Linh Tu in the Hue royal place.

Ta Vu, built in the early 19th century and upgraded in 1899, was seriously damaged during the wars.

The Ta Vu project will be carried by the German Conservation Restoration and Education Project (GCREP) and Society for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (GEKE) in 2012 and 2013.

After completion, Ta Vu will be a place to showcase part of the Nguyen Dynasty’s history and an attractive destination for visitors to Hue.

Source VOV
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Hue relic conservation work reviewed

1:08 AM |
Hue relic conservation work reviewed - Photo by An Bui
A ceremony marking 30 years in operation of the Hue Relic Conservation Centre (1982-2012) was held on June 9 in the central Thua Thien-Hue province. 

Speaking at the ceremony, UNESCO’s representative in Vietnam Katherine Muller-Marin applauded the achievements that the centre has gained in preserving the relic system of the ancient capital of Hue which was once seriously damaged by wars and natural disasters.

She praised the centre for developing local human resources for preservation work.

Katherine Muller-Marin also called on domestic and foreign organisations to continue supporting the centre in the cause of protecting the world cultural heritage site.

Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Hue Relic Conservation Centre said the centre has cooperated with many international organisations in all over the world including the UNESCO and various agencies from Japan, Canada, France, England, the US, Germany, Thailand, Belgium, the RoK and Holland in restoring, preserving the site as well as training personnel for the centre.

The Hue Relic System was recognised by the UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site in 1993. The “Nha nhac cung dinh Hue” (Hue Royal Court Music) was also recognised as intangible cultural heritage of human kind in 2003.

Along with the preservation of the relics, traditional arts and handicrafts have been revived, assisting the tourism sector and making it a key economic sector of the province.

Total earnings from Hue’s tourism and services between 1996 and 2011 reached VND724.5 billion, a major part of which was re-invested in the restoration and preservation work.

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9:28 PM |
Travel Vietnam Blog
Golden Valley, Dalat, Photo by An Bui
Let join with us to discover two interesting destinations:

Located on Langbiang plateau, part of the greater Central high lands of Vietnam, the city is 1500 m above sea level and is 305 km from Saigon is called Da Lat.

Da Lat city is probably one of Vietnam's most well known vacation destination. Since 19th century, it is also called the unofficial honeymoon Mecca of Vietnam.

Nha Trang is Vietnam’s one of the most lively famous seaside resort-town. It's also the scuba diving center of Vietnam.

Rate per person in USD

2 pax
3-4 pax
5-6 pax
7-10 pax
11-14 pax
15 pax
+1 FOC

Le Duy hotel in HCM city
Mai Vang hotel in Da Lat
The Light hotel in Nha Trang
High season
Low season

Kim Do hotel in HCM city
Sammy hotel in Da Lat
Yasaka hotel in Nha Trang
High season
Low season
High season: 1st Oct, 2012  – 31st Dec , 2012
Low season: 15th May, 2012 – 30th Sep, 2012

* Service included
- Meals (Full board) at local restaurant
- Accommodation with TWN share basis: Check in time at 14.00pm & Check out time at 12.00
- 01 private A/C car on sightseeing days only (4 seats car for group of 2 pax , 16 seats car for group 3-4-5-6 pax, 25 seats bus for group 7-10 pax, 35 seats bus for group 11-14 pax, 45 seats bus for group 16 pax onwards)
- Boat and entrance fee as mention in the itinerary
- French (English) speaking guide on sightseeing days only: different local guides
- Drinking water and wet towel.

* Service excluded
- Vietnamese Visa fee US$ 25/pax
- Domestic & International Air ticket & airport tax.
- Personal expense Tel, Fax, Laundry, etc.
- Other service which not mention itinerary


Day 1 : Ho Chi Minh City on arrival (D)
Arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport meet your guide then transfer to the hotel after that take the orientation tour of HCMC : Notre Dame Cathedral, General Post office, City Hall, Opera house,. Dinner and O/N in HCMC.

Day 2 : Ho Chi Minh City - Cu Chi -City Tour (B/L/D)
After breakfast, visit the Cu Chi Tunnels (75 km) northwest of HCMC, network of tunnels dug during the Vietnam War guerillas, with e level and stretching more than 200km. Experience the environment where guerrillas lived and fought underground by climbing the narrow passage along. Above ground lies the wreckage of American helicopters end task. Afternoon we will visit the War Museum, Ben Thanh Market – is a biggest market and shopping spree in HCMC. Visit the Lacquer ware factory expert in Arts and Crafts of picture, furniture with Lacquer and other special food of Vietnam. Dinner at local restaurant. O/N in HCMC.

My Tho, Tien Giang - Photo by An Bui
Day 3: Ho Chi Minh CityMekong DeltaHo Chi Minh City (B/L/D)
Take a day trip to Mekong region, for boat cruise on Mekong River (4200km long) to the Thoi Son island to enjoy all kinds of tropical fruit in this area then walk through the handicraft village and also visit some of the local farm houses. Take the sampan boat (rowing boat) on small canal to the big one, Lunch at the local garden restaurant with fried elephan’s ear fish of local specialty food. Visit Vinh Trang Pagoda which is the oldest and nicest pagoda in the area before returning to Ho Chi Minh City. Visit the Thien Hau Pagoda in the bustling China town. In the evening, enjoy the Vietnamese cuisine on boat. O/N in HCMC.

Day 4 : Ho Chi Minh CityDalat (B/L/D)
Depart for Dalat (300 km), the highland city located at 1500m above the sea level with cool climate all year round, established in early 1890s by the French as hill station resort, stop at Bao Loc for visiting Dambri waterfall and having lunch at local restaurant then continue the journey to our destination by passing many tea & coffee plantations. This is a pleasure time for you to take photograph and enjoy the scenery. Dinner at local restaurant. O/N in Da Lat.

Day 5 : Dalat (B/L/D)
Morning visit Domain De Marie Church. Then drive to Liang Biang Mountain - the highest mountain, rising to 2169m above sea level. Driving up to the top by 4WD Jeep and discovering evergreen forests, picturesque views of farmland and pristine rural lives. Also visit the minorities’ village under the mountain foot. Afternoon, continue visiting Bao Dai's Summer Palace, Truc Lam pagoda, Tuyen Lam lake & and Datanla Waterfalls. O/N in Da Lat.

Nha Trang Beach - Photo by An Bui
Day 6: Dalat - Nha Trang (B/L/D)
Morning, depart for Nha Trang, one of the nicest coastal cities in Vietnam, After lunch, visit Chong Promontory Ponagar Cham tower, the historical relic of Cham kingdom occupied most of the central parts of Vietnam for several centuries. Dinner will be served at local restaurant and you are free at leisure. O/N in Nha Trang.

Day 7: Nha Trang - Boat Trip (B/L/D)
Start from your hotel to Cau Da port. Tri Nguyen Aquarium on Mieu Island is the first place to visit many sea species of Nha Trang/Khanh Hoa province make a small ocean world there. Mot Island is the best island for snorkeling where you can see lots of lives colorful corals and fish. You will also be able to see caves in which the sea swallows make their nest. Time for swimming & water sports or other activities at Mot Island, Tranh Beach Island or on a small island calling “Mini beach” Lunch at the island. On the way back you will visit a fishing village before going to the shore. Dinner and O/N in Nha Trang.

Day 8: Nha Trang - Ho Chi Minh City (B/L/_)
After breakfast at hotel, drive back to Ho Chi Minh City (450km). Some stops on the way back for break, a cup of coffee or snapshots. Transfer to the departure point. End of service.
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